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About | FGC Billiri Alumni Association
a few words

about us


a few words about us

We are a non-profit organization focusing on services, programs, and activities that foster goodwill towards our Alumni all over the world, identifying key volunteers and providing information to alumni and friends.

The FGC Billiri Alumni community is a strong network of ladies and gentlemen who share an undeniable sense of attachment to Federal Government College, Billiri, Gombe State. They contribute their talents as professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs far and wide and this website was designed to help stay in touch, leverage our various professional expertise and maintain the bond.

We invite you to join us as we continue to promote and ensure the success of our Alma Mater.

Aims and Objectives

The general aims and objectives of the Association shall be to rekindle, promote and sustain the founding vision, ideals, welfare and infrastructure of the Federal Government College Billiri and more particularly:

  • To provide a national platform to enable all alumni of the Federal Government College Billiri contribute positively towards the progress of the School.
  • To promote national unity and integration among the diverse peoples, cultures and religions of Nigeria in line with the founding ideology of the School, being one of the Unity Schools in Nigeria.
  • To promote academic excellence and scholarship in the School.
  • To encourage the development of good leadership skills among students and alumni of the School.
We must leverage this unity, and the strength of our kinship to make a difference, not only in our immediate communities, but in Nigeria as a whole.
  • To advocate and influence policies and enactments in manners favourable to the School at all levels of government in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • To identify indigent students of the School and evolve an Assistance Educational Financial Scheme for indigent students of the School whenever it is deemed convienient to provide such assistance.
  • To promote good relations among members of the Alumni Association and between the Alumni Associations of other Unity Schools in Nigeria.
  • To ensure the protection and enhancement of the welfare of members of the Alumni Association all over Nigeria and beyond.
  • To undertake anything or project that is reasonably incidental or consequential to the furtherance of these aims and objectives.
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